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Hi everyone~ :manhug:

I just want to let you all know that I am very sorry my activity on dA has been so sporadic this last year (maybe even years, so rude of me) :( I have a lot going on in my life due to my chronic illness (I suffer from a severe nerve disorder so it's doctors, operations, PT and meds on repeat - I actually just had surgery in my elbows six days ago), and I am currently fighting to finish my Master's degree too (only two semesters left now, yay!). And then of course life also happens all the time. Ugh. So sadly I have very little time, mental surplus and the actual physical strength to draw these days, but I miss it a lot and I know I will make my way back to it<3

In short, I promise I will make a comeback soon and upload a lot of new drawings for you all to see~ :manhug: :heart:

(Oh, and a little shameless self promotion of course: if you follow my facebook page, you will see WIPs of the drawing I'm currently fighting to finish^-~)

Thank you all so much for your support, your favs and your sweet, encouraging comments. They mean the world to me~ :heart:
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Finally an update~

Journal Entry: Sun Apr 7, 2013, 11:28 AM
Hi everybody :manhug:

I just realized it's been a veeery long time since I last updated my journal (almost six months :faint:), so I just wanted to let you know what I'm up to these days; I've been having a lot of migraine attacks (ugh><), and school is keeping me insanely busy this term (though the classes are thankfully stupidly exciting!), so I haven't really had the time or inspiration to draw at all since I uploaded my latest drawing, and I've missed it horribly :cries: However! Last week I finally found a little bit of free time - and a big dash of inspiration (in the man whose music has sustained me these last six months, and helped me through everything with a smile on my face ♥) - to begin a new drawing~

I'm currently missing an eye and half the hair, and then it's done. And as always I'm uploading W.I.P.s and updates to my Facebook (link here), if anyone's interested ♫

I've missed drawing so much more than I can ever explain, and I'm so excited about finally drawing again after such a long time of wanting to draw but not being able to for various reasons. It does, however, show that I've barely touched a pencil these last two years or so, but I hope I'll be able to regain some of my routines soon, and start drawing more regularly again (since I definitely have the inspiration for it)^^;

Short update, I know, but the gist is: I will do my best to become active on dA again as soon as possible :manhug: :heart:

Have a nice day ♥

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